The Vote Stealer is a power twist that featured in Survivor: Battle Royale. This exclusive power could be used be used to void one person from voting, and instead hand another the ability to vote twice, effectively "stealing" their vote, hence the name.


At any one vote up until and including the Final Six, the power can be used to take away one's vote and claim it for oneself. This leaves the victim's vote voided, and gives the power player an extra vote. This new power makes it possible to shift a vote in one's favor without having to barter for it, therefore potentially tipping the balance at Tribal Council.


  • In Battle Royale, the Vote Stealer secretly entered the game on Day 10 during the Panic Button individual immunity challenge, as a temptation to give up immunity that round. Mearl E. took the temptation first, and he later used it on Day 12 to void the vote of Seb D. and give himself an extra vote. Seb's vote for Mearl therefore didn't count, and Mearl voted for Robby J. twice.
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