Instant Idols is a twist that featured in Survivor: Second Chances. The purpose of the twist is to tempt the players into taking a Hidden Immunity Idol at a cost for their tribe, the most common of which is the inability to participate in the next three immunity challenges.


The castaways are asked if they would like a hidden immunity idol. If they said yes they could have one - however as a punishment they were unable to compete in the next few immunity challenges for their tribe and it would be known to all that they had an idol. This created a moral dilemma, as having an idol is extremely beneficial to ones game, however does not look good to your tribe when you have to sacrifice helping them win challenges to get it. A maximum number of people can take an instant idol each time it is offered.

Twist HistoryEdit

Second ChancesEdit

The first chance to get an instant idol came right after the second tribe switch on Day 6, with a punishment of three immunity challenge bannings. The full maximum of six people (three per tribe) took instant idols. Those people were Anthony, Brittany, Kiko, Mearl, Robby, and Stoner.

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