The Four-Tribe Format is a tribe division twist that increases the number of competing tribes during the pre-merge phase of the game from two to four. It is an alternative twist to the more frequent Three-Tribe Format, and has so far featured in Survivor: Fiji and Survivor: Eleventh Hour.


Prior to the introduction of the three-tribe format in Survivor: All Stars, the four-tribe format was introduced to see if that would have an even bigger impact on the dynamics and create interesting alliances and votes. Survivor: Fiji therefore became the first season to adopt four tribes.

Four-Tribe HistoryEdit


The fifth season, Survivor: Fiji, was the first to feature the four-tribe format, with an all-newbie cast.
Malolo Nacula Ovalau Vatoa

Eleventh HourEdit

The sixteenth season, Survivor: Eleventh Hour, was the second to feature the four-tribe format, with an all-veteran cast.
Dobev Fulnek Lysice Zvotoky

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