Exile Island is a twist that featured in Survivor: Peru. It is a small campsite apart from the actual tribe camps where a single contestant will be left banished until after the next Tribal Council. Though in seclusion, the banished castaway may be given a clue to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol that may or not be hidden there.


Exile Island forces one castaway to live on his/her own on an uninhabited island. While on this island, they do not go to Tribal Council, therefore they cannot vote at Tribal OR be voted out. As they are not on any tribe, they cannot vote or being voted out at that respective Tribal Council. The banished castaway is reunited with their tribe in time before the next Immunity Challenge.


In Survivor: Peru, an upside to Exile Island was that it provided the chance to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol, which was hidden on the island. Clues were never given out. The person who went to Exile Island each day was chosen FROM the loosing tribe, BY the winning tribe.

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