Double Tribal Council is a regular twist that features in multiple seasons of Survivor. The twist sends both tribes to Tribal Council in one night. It first appeared in Survivor: Burkina Faso, and has appeared in nine subsequent seasons.


The Double Tribal Council is the act of sending two tribes to Tribal Council on the same night, therefore eliminating two people from the game in one go. The Immunity Challenge prior to Tribal consequently becomes an individual challenge to give one or two people the chance to survive. It may be used for a number of reasons. The two primary reasons for it's use is to either speed up the game and shorten it's length, or to give both tribes a chance to get rid of any loose weight on their tribe. It can also be used to try and stop one tribe loosing all the challenges if the other tribe is dominating, therefore keeping the numbers even and also giving the dominating tribe the problem of Tribal Council. Another use is when a challenge goes awry and no clear winner can be decided, the host can just send both tribes to Tribal Council as a resolution. Depending on the number of tribes in a season, more than two tribes may also go to Tribal Council on the same day.


  • Standard purpose-placed pre-merge Double Tribal Councils occurred in Burkina Faso, Fiji, Ardennes, All Stars, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Eleventh Hour with either one or two people immune in an individual challenge, or only one tribe immune in a tribal challenge involving three tribes.
    • In Ethiopia it was implemented on Day 1 to start the season off with a shock and give the tribes a taster of Tribal Council and a test if they could survive. It also gets rid off some of the dead weight quickly within the first day.
    • In Second Chances and Greece it occurred between three tribes, with the challenge staying as a tribal one, but with only one of the three tribes immune.
    • In Eleventh Hour it occurred between four tribes, with the challenge staying as a tribal one, but with only two of the four tribes immune.
  • Only one season has featured more than one Double Tribal - Eleventh Hour.
    • Eleventh Hour is also currently the only season to feature three DTCs.
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