The Cursed Necklace is a twist that featured in Survivor: Turkey. The twist added a new Individual Immunity necklace into the game, which holds the same power as a standard one, but with it's next owner chosen by the most recently eliminated castaway.


The Cursed Necklace guarantees the possessor safety from a single Tribal Council of their choice. The identity of the holder is always known and it does not work like a hidden immunity idol. The owner must explicitly state they want to use it before or in the early hours of Tribal Council. Once someone has used the Cursed Necklace at Tribal Council, the person voted out at that Tribal gets the power to decide who gets to have the Cursed Necklace next (although it cannot be the person who has just used it). If the voted off player does not re-assign the necklace is time, the host reserves the power to give the necklace out by other means. The last use of the Cursed Necklace was at the Final 8.

Owning HistoryEdit


Episode 1 to Episode 21:
Afyon Armanti R.

Episode 3 to Episode 52:
Tokat Alexander D.

Episode 6:
Cappadocia Billy S.

Episode 73:
Cappadocia Nathan D.

^1 Armanti was voted out while still in possession of the necklace, so he gave it to Alexander before getting to use it himself.
^2 Alexander was voted out while still in possession of the necklace, so he gave it to Billy before getting to use it himself.
^3 The Cursed Necklace was no longer in play after Episode 7.

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