Back to Basics is a twist that featured back-to-back in the first two seasons, Survivor: Jordan and Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Back to Basics returns the game to its original format. Sixteen castaways, two tribes of eight and a merge at 10, plus Jury of 7 and final 2, with no Hidden Immunity Idols and no extra twists. The reason for having this twist is to make the game more basic, simple and ultimately fairer. There are no twists that could force you to change up your gameplan - everything in the game happens solely because of the players within the game.

NJ's Survivor Twists
Back to Basics Battle Royale Double Tribal Council Cursed Necklace Exile Island
Extra Vote Four-Tribe Format Hidden Immunity Idol Instant Idols One-Day Tribes
One World Redemption Island Returning Players The Hitlist Three-Tribe Format
Tribe Division Twists Tribe Switch Vote Stealer